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Hopscotch: Don't you wish all children could play this game?

100% income from the sale of this pattern is donated to a 2 years old boy in my distant family who was recently diagnosed with LED-SMA, which stand for: Lower extremities dominated Spinal Muscular Athropy


The money will be spent on his physical therapy (strengthening the muscles and learning to walk). I choose this design to remind people that not all children can enjoy playing this simple and popular game. When I was a child I played this often with my siblings and friends. We just drew the shape in the dust with a stick and never thought that we were privileged, because we could do that.

Marty might never be able to play this game, but hopefully he will learn to stand up on his own and walk unassisted.

Join my quilt along group and win a fabric bundle from the event sponsor; Hoffman California.

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