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Flower Carpet, Queen size: 93" x 107"

Imagine hundreds of thousands of flowers arranged in ornate designs in outdoor tapestries. They’re breathtakingly beautiful, colorful and fragrant. The vibrant and colorful Hoffman Waves fabric collection calles for this design. 


I recommend this pattern for intermediate quilters who can work with templates and have some curved piecing experience.


Size: 93" x 107" for a queen size bed.


Please be sure to open the pattern with the latest version of Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader to display and print everything correctly. You can print the pattern in booklet format to save ink and paper. Templates and/or foundation papers have to be printed with “Actual size” printer settings.


STEPS to open and print the PDF pattern

- download the file to your computer

- download or update Adobe Acrobat: https:/

- open Adobe Acrobat

- open the pattern from Adobe /File/ Open


Flower Carpet, Queen size: 93" x 107"

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