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Mosaic Cross, size: 41" x 59"

The Mosaic Cross is made with a simple technique, using fusible interface. The placement of the squares and cross aura is guided with printable layout guide. I choose turquoise color on navy background but you can use any color combination you like to make a gorgeous mosaic cross. 

If you would like to change the size of the quilt just enlarge or reduce the size of the layout guides.

The pattern gives you 
- the material requirements
- cutting instruction
- fusing the pieces to the background
- templates and guiding grid
- quilt assemble

Be sure to open the pattern with the latest version of Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader to display and print everything correctly. You can print the pattern in booklet format to save ink and paper. Templates and/or foundation papers have to be printed with “Actual size” printer settings.

You can download or update Adobe Acrobat:

Open Adobe first, then open the pattern from there.

Mosaic Cross, size: 41" x 59"

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