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Torus Maximus, size: 72" x 72"

The Torus Maximus is featuring the Hoffman Digital Print Supernova panel. The size of the quilt is 72" x 72". The pattern contains actual size layout guide and template sheet to be copied on the paper side of the fusible interface, so you do not need to trace the templates. Detailed step by step instructions illustrated with color images. Quilters familiar with basic machine appliqué techniques will easily be able to master this intriguing quilt.

You will download a zip file which containes the pattern and a 18" x 18" Layout file. You have to have the layout file printed in a printshop on a 18" x 18" size paper in Actual size.  Alternatively you can print the 4 sectional layout templates and tape them together.

Torus Maximus, size: 72" x 72"

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