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Quilt Along With The Fox

I love bold colors like turquoise, orange, lime (and many, many more) and I use them mainly in medium and high color values.

Lately I am trying to get out of my comfort zone and create quilts with a bit more subtlety, and to which more people can relate. I love to look at color schemes on Pinterest and if you have not tried that I highly recommend it, it is fun and helps to find great color combinations.

Since the Holidays are coming I wanted to create something festive, but not with the usual Christmas colors. After all, the Christmas festivities only last for 2 -3 days, while the quilt is used all year round.

What could be more more appropriate - with the holidays in mind - than using chocolate colors?

So here is my color palette. Beige for the background and red as dominant color.

I pieced the quilt from my stash, as I always do when I am in Switzerland (the fabrics are insanely expensive here and no batiks).

The quilting has to wait until I go back to California (in a few weeks). This is a full size quilt which I cannot handle on my Janome without breaking my neck. It would probably take 3-4 weeks to quilt, then at least one more week to recuperate.

Participating in the quilt along

- I recommend this pattern for intermediate quilters (confident beginners with piecing experience are also welcomed)

- It is free and no strings attached, you will get all the information and support you need to make the quilt

- Download the first file from the file section: fabric requirements for 2 color versions and coloring page included

- you can choose either included color version or use the coloring page to make your own. Get color scheme ideas from Pinterest

- Post regularly and include the #quiltalongwiththefox hash tag so everybody can find and see them!

Next step

- Snap photos of your chosen fabrics, your coloring page and post it on the

- I will post the cutting chart next Monday (November 11, 2019). If you are sure that you can sew with scant 1/4" seam consistently, then you can go ahead and cut all the pieces.

If you like to slightly oversize the pieces and trim back the sections to the perfect size and shape, then hold off with the cutting and wait for the piecing instructions.


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