July 2020 - Summer Fun - Quilt Block Mania

The #QuiltBlockMania is a BOM with the participation of several quilt pattern designers. Each month you will get a color scheme and several 12" x 12" free block patterns from different designers. The same color scheme, size and theme will allow you to easily assemble the various blocks into a quilt.

Color Scheme

I love how the 3 shades of turquoise, the 2 shades of mango and vanilla complement each other. It is the perfect color scheme for a Summer quilt.

My Block: Up In The Air

Technique: raw edge appliqué


  • Two 10" x 12" Lite Steam-a-Seam fusible interface sheets

  • White solid fabric: 10" x 13" rectangle

  • Background fabric: 14" x 14" square

  • Fabrics scraps for the ballon

  • If you have light-box and/or mini iron those will be handy, but you can make the block without these gadgets too

Steps to follow

  • Download the layout guide and fusible templates below

Download PDF • 282KB

  • Print the Layout Guide on a regular paper

  • Print the templates directly on the interface (trim the sheet back to 8.5" x 11" and place it in your printer without any other paper in the tray)

  • Cut the printed interface apart between the lines

  • Fuse the individual pieces to the wrong side of the various balloon fabrics as the numbers indicate - choose either color for the basket and the piece above

  • Trim the pieces around the printed line

  • Center the layout guide on the 10" x 13" white fabric rectangle

  • The printed side of the paper is facing the wrong side of the fabric

  • Tape the layout guide to the fabric then tape the fabric to a well-lit window (or use a light-box)

  • If you are using other than Steam-a-Seam interface, leave it on your ironing mat. The layout should show through the white fabric

  • You can also use black rectangle for a stained glass effect, but you will need to place that on the window or use a light-box to see the Layout Guide